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 Top Calling Cards
-ChinaOne Pinless - C$10
-ChinaOneVIP - C$12
-ChinaOne Pinless - C$5
-Global CallingCard - C$5
-AsiaOne - C$10
-Best CallingCard - C$5


Why shop at Compusky?

Same card, cheaper price, why pay more?

All popular prepaid phone cards and other products at Compusky are sold at discount prices. You will never see the same card available at another store at a lower price. If we cannot make it cheaper, then we'd better not sell it!

Quickest service - View PIN immediately on the web.

With our real-time PIN delivery system, you will get a PIN and dialing instruction instantly on the web, just right after a second you buy. Imaging that you use out your calling card in the middle night, what can you do! Just visit our online calling card shop!

Friendly customer support, reachable at anytime.

Need help? - We do have a friendly customer support team available on the web to answer your questions before and after the purchase. We are willing to help you in any regards. Please feel as free as asking your friend to contact us because customers' satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Customer Support
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Compusky does not collect your credit card info.

At Compusky, we've found that a safe shopping environment is one of the most important thing for both you and us. For your own security, we do not collect your credit card information. Our concern about this matter is that your credit card info is a sensitive personal information and should not be kept by anyone. This explains why you need to enter your credit card information every time you make a purchase with us.

Secure credit/debit card processing by Moneris eSelect, which is largest online payment service in Canada.

All user informations, credit/debit card transactions are protected by industry leading encryption and PKI technology. Sensitive information such as your credit card number will be encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit technology and transferred securely across the internet.

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