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Company Profile


CompuSky Inc. (CSI) is a provider of computer hardware, software and network solutions for homes and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and replicated branch offices. CSI solutions include UNIX/Linux/Windows platforms; messaging, authentication, and e-business tools; and services that include technical support, education, consulting, and solution provider support programs.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, CSI has presence with its website, and its stores, offices mostly located in North York area. This infrastructure enables CSI to provide local support and dependable solutions to businesses around the city. In addition, CSI has a channel of many solution providers, a developers network of thousands, thousands of direct account customers and an installed base.

CSI solutions are divided into three broad areas: sales of computer hardware and software, IT services and e-Business solution.

Our Mission

To provide our customers the best value on the Internet on high quality computers built to their specifications, as well as electronics and related services. We define value as getting the highest quality product, great customer service before and after the sale, and having competitive prices and reasonable shipping costs. We also provide robust e-Business solutions to our value customer to enhance their business.

Order tracking

Orders you have placed (Reviewing an order, tracking a shipment) can be tracked through mailing us at

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