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-ChinaOneVIP - C$12
-ChinaOne Pinless - C$10
-ChinaOne Pinless - C$5
-AsiaOne - C$10
-Best CallingCard - C$5
-Global CallingCard - C$5

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AsiaOne - C$10
User Rank:Rank: 8.64
Total Votes: Polls: 65
  AsiaOne - C$10    
  Price: C$9.55   Conn.: C$0.00
  Save: C$0.45   
  Note:Cheap and good quality,
9 local access numbers,
Expire 180 days after first use

0 Card(s) Left!  

 Call From
 Call From Phone Notice
 Calgary 403-668-8820
 Edmonton 780-644-9936
 Hamilton 905-481-2207
 Kitchener & Waterloo 519-489-2137
 London 519-488-2010
 Montreal 514-635-1027
 Montreal 514-448-4338
 North America 1-800-660-8814 additioal fee charged
 Ottawa 613-482-2603
 Toronto 647-722-9981
 Vancouver 604-484-8062
 Victoria 250-483-0880

 Detail Rate
 Call To Basic Rate Minutes
 Australia 3.4 ¢ 277
 Cambodia 12.6 ¢ 76
 Canada 1.3 ¢ 750
 China 1.5 ¢ 646
 China(Cell) 1.5 ¢ 646
 Hongkong(Cell) 1.2 ¢ 800
 Japan 4.5 ¢ 214
 Japan(Mobile) 17.1 ¢ 56
 Laos 10.9 ¢ 88
 Macao 5.9 ¢ 162
 Malaysia 1.8 ¢ 527
 Philippines 15.7 ¢ 61
 Singapor 1.8 ¢ 526
 Taiwan 3.2 ¢ 296
 U.S.A.(48 States) 2.8 ¢ 336

We may only list part of the rate table, other part or any additional fee, plase read the page carefully, or contact the telecom company. If you find anything differnt from the calling card company, please notify us. We thank you very much for your help.

  1. Dial the access number
2. Enter the PIN #
3. To save your PIN, press #15## after inputting your PIN. If you do not want to save PIN, please go to next step.
*Please note: After you finish this phone card, please MUST press #16## to cancel this saved PIN, then you can use other CM phone card.
*: If you hear any other instruction, just press ##, wait 1 to 5 seconds, until you hear ( please dial your destination number ), then press #16##.

4. Enter the number to call
Canada & US: 1+Area code + Number+#
Other area: 011+country code +Area Code + Number +#
4. Wait for connection and talk
5. Press ## to make another call

  When you buying, you accept the follwing conditions:
We do not responsible for the quality of phone card. Any card quality problem please contact with the phonecard company directly.
Not reponsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards.
See Poster or call customer service for charges.
This card is non-refunable & non-exchangeable and expires 180 days from first usage/activation.
Rate subject to changes without notice
Calls terminating at wireless receivers may be charged a higher price.
  Expire 180 days after first use
 Service Hotline

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